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1Y0-351 Braindumps -100% passing guarantee on 1Y0-351 Exam Preparation Material

Citrix 1Y0-351 Education recommends that before taking the exam candidates have the knowledge skills and skills necessary to install configure or operating of 1Y0-351 10.5 NetScaler in a corporate environment. Unless otherwise indicated the Citrix products referenced in this review are the publishing company of the product.


Citrix Certified Professional Networking 1Y0-351 Exam Objectives: 

In some cases the exam objectives require that candidates have experience in the field including practical experience installing configuring or Citrix 1Y0-351 NetScaler 10.5 Operating in enterprise environments. By getting this experience candidates are more likely to pass this exam.

  • The initial value of host name NetScaler IP subnet and gateway
  • Firmware Update
  • Configure high availability
  • Get a new license NetScaler
  • Configure access to the administration
  • Configure basic clustering·   Configure policies and audit rules
  • Enable and Configure fashion forward ( forwarding on MAC (MBF ) and edge configuration )
  • Configuring Interfaces
  • Configure IP addresses subnet IP IPv6 and configure Administration IPs
  • Implement VLANs and link them to the interfaces with IPs
  • Set up or configure TCP profiles

Citrix Certified Professional Networking 1Y0-351 Exam Question Answers Details:

Vendor: Citrix

Exam number: 1Y0-351

Number of Question: 72

Passing Score: 61%

Language: English

Citrix 1Y0-351 NetScaler 10.5 Essentials and Networking Exam Recommended course: 

As with all Citrix 1Y0-351 exam it is recommended that candidates receive practical experience by working directly with the products listed in the exam. This includes the establishment of a NetScaler 10.5 environment at least two devices and multiple virtual NetScaler – balancing servers load. While this experience can be on the job 1Y0-351 Citrix formal training for a secure and robust environment to learn these tasks. Thus they are one of the best ways to prepare for the exam.

Recommended knowledge and skills:

  • TCP or IP HTTP and SSL and the OSI model.
  • Web server software
  • Administration of Windows and Linux Server q
  • Concepts DNS SSL and compression q
  • Server load balancing and switching concepts contained
  • Threats against network security q and site protection forms
  • The intersection between servers networks and applications
  • Active Directory
  • Application optimization q
  • Cloud computing concepts

70-743 Exam PDF1Y0-351 Exam Product:

  • Analysis and design of an implementation of NetScaler 10.5 for companies
  • base configuration parameters in a 10.5 NetScaler implementation
  • network-related parameters 10.5 NetScaler network
  • configuration and maintenance hardware and software security
  • configuration and management of security modules NetScaler
  • Configuration – load balancing in a 10.5 NetScaler implementation
  • available management features
  • to configure SSL offloading
  • optimize application performance
  • Monitoring network activity and performance issues
  • troubleshooting in an implementation of NetScaler 10.5

How to Prepare Citrix Certified Professional Networking 1Y0-351 Exam:

  • Configuring NetScaler basic settings.
  • Configuring network-related application of NetScaler.
  • Secure the NetScaler implementation and circulation.
  • Balancing Configuring NetScaler load for backend servers and traffic.
  • Configure SSL offloading.
  • Setting acceleration and optimization of traffic management.
  • Customization NetScaler traffic management.
  • Monitor activities related to the network and performance monitoring tools.
  • Resolution on issues NetScaler.

1Y0-351 Exam Questions and Answers:

Applicants are encouraged to use the comment function to provide feedback to Citrix Education. However applicants should be aware of the time used to comment on a review as will be subtracted from the time allotted for the test. Applicants may refer to the time clock at any time to see and know the remaining time of test. Please be warned that the weight section are not used to calculate your score. Notation is much more complicated than the exam questions can be given different weight according to their overall importance. Because some 1Y0-351 questions may have different point values assigned to them the weight of examination section and notes do not always have one -to-one correlation.

Citrix Certified Professional Networking Certification of 1Y0-351 Exam:

Designed for network engineers PCB -N certification validates the knowledge and skills required to implement and manage NetScaler for traffic management load balancing switching content and implementation unloading.

  • Network engineers
  • Network Administrators
  • Citrix administrators
  • Operations Engineer
  • engineers Systems or Systems Administrators
  • Cloud administrators or engineers

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